WisperMSG Encrypted Messaging Software and File Sharing Software all-in-one

In the world of business, sharing confidential information with patients, clients, insurance companies, and HR departments is often necessary. WisperMSG offers a secure solution to protect your sensitive data from email spam, ransomware, and phishing with our newest addition to the Central Data Storage family of products.

Experience peace of mind with our encrypted messaging software, included setup and installation in every plan. WisperMSG is a two-in-one messaging app providing a safe environment for both messaging and document sharing. Say goodbye to outdated encrypted emails and elevate your communication with WisperMSG.

You can trust WisperMSG to keep your confidential conversations and files private. Keep your budget and data secure by signing up for WisperMSG today.


Encrypted messages are held secure in the 256 bit encryption for messaging. Remember, working with Central Data Storage means that you’ll get the advantage of our years of experience. Plus you won’t need an IT department and there’s no license that you need to pass on to your client.

What You Get With This Encrypted Messaging Software

Your encrypted messages are safe with this software plus the installation and setup are included in every plan. Regardless of the one you choose you’ll have the advantage of daily backup reporting and the ability to access information from local as well as off-site locations.

Industry Leader

This is an industry leader among encrypted messaging apps because it offers other excellent features including a four times faster backup speed than the competition.

Big enough to Solve, Small enough to Care

We are a company that’s big enough to solve your issues and small enough to care at the same time. What’smore, our leadership team brings a wonderful variety of experiences to our business.

Ed Conklin is CEO and Founder at Central Data Storage.He has outstanding experience in business growth strategy and medical data management. Ed has worked with several Fortune 500 companies.

Mike Buck is the CFO. He brings two decades of experience in operations and finance. Mike’s expertise also lies in implementing operations and creating strategies to drive growth. If you’re ready to start protecting your digital assets with this encrypted messaging software, why not get in touch today?

For more information about our WisperMSG Encrypted Messaging Software or File Sharing Software, call Central Data Storage today at +1-888-907-1227.

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