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Safety centered software to protect your data from everyday problems.

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Centered Around Security and Service

We believe the only way to create optimal security and compliance for your data is with end-to-end encryption and support when you need it.

Stay a step ahead of a data disaster!

Download this FREE 5-step guide to create your own Disaster Recovery Plan. 

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Backup + Recovery

Easily back up and restore files and folders from any computer or server.


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Encrypted Sharing

Confidently share encrypted files and messages with your team and customers.


Group 174
File Archiving

Securely archive your records and meet your regulatory requirements.

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Never lose a file again!

Optimize your file backup, checkup, and recovery process and make data safekeeping a breeze. Each backed up file, every version ever made, is always protected and accessible. All plans include 448-bit encryption, so whether you’re backing up locally or to our private cloud, we keep your information sheltered from outside threats like ransomware. 

Need a restore? You can start one yourself at any time or our expert team will quickly and seamlessly recover all of your files to any device as part of your backup plan. No hidden fees, just incredible protection, and free recovery.

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Be confident sharing
whatever, with whomever.

Easily communicate with your team, customers or patients with secure and encrypted messaging and file sharing. Offering you a product with superior encryption strength that completely meets HIPAA compliance, so you never have to worry.

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Protect what matters most.

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Dedicated to your success.

No matter your needs, we’re here for you. We offer in-house support and speedy response times. We have a variety of support options to accommodate any business. Only pay for what you need! If you have a problem, let’s solve it together. You can connect with us via email, phone, chat, or submit a support ticket. 


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Open the door to more opportunities.

Think of us like your employees. We help you manage your customers from monitoring backups and troubleshooting to installs and restores. We do it all at no extra cost to you or your customers, so you can make extra cash while automating workflows.


Stay a step ahead of a datdisaster!

Download this FREE 5-step guide to create your own Disaster Recovery Plan. 

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