Encrypted File Transfer

Trusted Encrypted File Transfer Backed By Decades of Experience

Are you looking for an end-to-end encrypted file transfer service? Why not leverage our 30+ years of experience? We are the company that’s big enough to solve all of your backup, disaster recovery, encrypted messaging issues. What makes us different is the fact we are also small enough to care about your individual needs.

Central Data Storage is proud of the fact that over 1200 international clients use our secure encrypted file transfer service. Our first and only priority is protecting and securing your critical business data as well as your customers at all times.

WisperMSG: An industry Leading Encrypted File Transfer Protocol

This technology reduces the risk of a ransomware attack significantly. It’s user-friendly and protects all of your private information that includes credit card numbers, insurance forms, and even driver’s license numbers. WisperMSG is HIPAA Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified.

If you take a lookat the client testimonials on our website, you’ll see the difference this professional-grade encrypted file transfer software makes.This technique is instrumental for securing files and data in transit. It’s necessary to prevent your business and/or personal data from being hacked.


It’s important to consider that any of your business data that’s left unprotected while in transit can lead to a serious data breach. That’s whyend-to-end encryption file transfer is so important.

There are some other reasons why they should be an important part of your business model.


Encrypted file transfers ensure accuracy while saving your company valuable time. You can even schedule file transfers that have the proper type of encryption. Compliance is another necessary feature. Regulations like GDPR and others are attained. With WisperMSG your business can stay on top of these standards by monitoring and controlling yourdata transfer capabilities.

If your company or organization is looking for secure file transfer encryption, we can help.  We are the gold standard for file transfer, encrypted messaging and data recovery. Central Data Storage began in 2008 with a mission to look after data recovery for customers. With these services you can rest assured that our customer service team is made up of real people who are experts in the field. Please take a few minutes to read the business associate agreement that you find on our website.

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