What is Data Recovery and Why is it so Important?

The Keyboard is Mightier than the Sword

You may have heard it said that the pen is mightier than the sword. For a long time, that was true. Fast forward to the 21st century, and those that used pens in the past have upgraded to keyboards. In today’s world, everyone and their grandmother is using the internet, and it is practically unheard of to operate a business independent of the internet. Businesses that don’t leverage the online market to reach potential customers are quickly being left in the dust. If you want to keep up with your competition, you and your business must use the wonderful world of the internet in some shape or fashion.

Knowledge is Power

Over the course of a business, knowledge, or data, in the form of contact information, financials, and many other types of information are acquired and stored in some shape or fashion. Previously, large, ugly metal file cabinets were THE go-to for managing large amounts of this “knowledge.” As we move further into the 21st century, these metal beasts are being phased further and further out as businesses move towards online data storage and automate more and more of their processes. Having all the “knowledge” at the press of a button is a huge advantage that saves time and money. But, knowledge can only be power when you have it. Every company that stores electronic data must decide how they can secure their information.

The ugly reality is that dark web traffic is on the rise. More and more businesses become victim to malware attacks and human based errors every year. According to ConnectWise, 2 out of 3 midsize businesses suffered a ransomware attack in the past 18 months, and 20% spend $250,000 or more trying to recover from it.

The frequency and sophistication of these attacks are going to continue to increase. Getting your business back on track after suffering a major hit like this can be an absolute nightmare. This disturbing trend represents significant risk to any business that needs to store electronic data. Knowledge is power when you have it, but what about when you lose access to this knowledge? How are you protecting your data? This exposure is easily avoidable.

Data Recovery

Enter, data recovery. Unison BDR is a fast and affordable option to protect your business and give it the data insurance it needs. It is designed to get your business back up and running in 2 hours, and have all of your data 100% recovered to any device in 24 hours. This provides tremendous security, value, and peace of mind. Don’t think about if data leaks will happen-think about when. And, WHEN data leaks happen, it is imperative that you have a plan. CDS has 15+ years of experience protecting client’s data and helping businesses like yours recover from data leaks.

Knowledge is power, but only if you have access to it. Reach out to us today about how we can help you keep your data safe and cover your digital ass(ets)!

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