Here’s An Ultimate Guide to the Data Recovery Software Features You Can’t Do Without

Getting the right data recovery software is vital because you’re losing money and customers every minute your business is down. Having the right product does many important things for your enterprise, including protecting critical information and ensuring continuity.

Here’s a guide that can help steer you to the right features.

A Good Customer Portal is Essential.

This is an excellent tool to supply a centralized platform so businesses can control access and simplify administration. The well-designed portal usually has a customer-centric interface, making accessing resources and navigating information easier.

The one that comes with the data recovery product we offer, UnisonBDR, also allows your business to send emails, schedule appointments and engage in efficient quick responses to resolve any issues and queries.

Good Data Recovery Software Offers Security Checks.

Any provider you are considering should have clear data confidentiality and privacy policies. It’s essential to find a provider compliant with industry standards like GDPR and HIPAA, as well as others.

The software provider should also include patches and updates to look after any vulnerabilities in their system.

Our product offers quarterly security checks that are included with your plans. We understand how important network security is, so UnisonBDR protects against various threats to ensure safety.

Contact us today, and remember to ask about our industry-leading customer support that includes prompt incident response.

Excellent Software Offers a Variety of Options 

The best software will have various options and the ability to adapt to evolving technologies and threats. UnisonBDR is a fine example of an excellent product. When you sign up for this product through our company, you’ll get various features, including daily backup reporting and local and off-site locations.

The software offers 48-bit end-to-encryption and a no-cost restore guarantee that’s industry-leading.

Central Data Storage has been the gold standard for data recovery software and other services for 15 years. Our number one priority is providing outstanding disaster recovery and managed backup solutions. Contact us so we can walk you through how this comprehensive, fast and affordable data recovery software solution can benefit your enterprise.


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