Top Reasons Your Business Loses Data and What Data Recovery Software Can Do For You

Several different things can happen to your business if you don’t have data recovery software in place and there is an incident.  An organization can lose business. If you don’t have the right software in place, data breaches can also be expensive. Having clients’ personal information lost or corrupted and even stolen can result in legal action.

Here are some of the top reasons your business might be losing data.

Natural Disasters

Malware gets all the media attention these days. However, one of the other big reasons your business can lose data are natural catastrophes.

Earthquakes, fires, and floods are just a few of the ways your company can have your IT infrastructure compromised. It’s important to remember that FEMA reports almost 60% of small businesses don’t reopen after a major natural disaster.

Damaged Files

Data recovery software can help by recovering and restoring corrupted, inaccessible, and even deleted files. Of course, that includes those that have been damaged.

Human Error

There are more than a few common ways that your data can be lost due to human error. Something as potentially serious as clicking on an unfamiliar link or even missing an update can cause problems. Human error accounts for data loss through accidental deletion too.

Outstanding Software

The best data recovery services need to include outstanding software. Businesses in verticals like the dental and medical fields should look for a product that has features like a managed recovery plan.

Malware and Other Cybersecurity Incidents

Ransomware is still a threat. Although attacks spiked during the COVID 19 pandemic, this type of malware is still a risk in 2023. It’s important to remember that any industry in any vertical can be the target of cybercrime and hackers looking to profit.

Supply Chain Issues

All businesses need to be mindful of using third-party vendors. Due diligence is an important part of making sure that your hardware-based and software-based supply chains are secure.

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