Ransomware Recovery Explained: How to Save Your Business Post-Attack

Despite their commonality in today’s business environment, ransomware attacks can have serious repercussions. Developing the best ransomware protection and recovery plan can protect your digital assets for the future

The Next Step: Ransomware Recovery

Last week, you joined us for the first article in our ransomware series, learning about ransomware and how to protect your business from an attack (if you didn’t read it, start here).

We all know that ransomware attacks are one of the prevailing threats for any business, resulting in a significant financial burden, an injured reputation, and even a potential business closure.

Hopefully, you listened to my advice and implemented ransomware protection, so what’s next?

How Do You Protect Against Ransomware?

So, you became one of the numerous businesses hit with a ransomware attack. What do you do? Well, here are the immediate steps you can take:

  • Isolate the infected device(s) from the network
  • Monitor other systems for signs of malicious activity
  • Identify compromised files and systems
  • Begin recovery of important files

However, hopefully you’re here only as someone seeking further education about ransomware and how to prevent it.

Well, the best defense is a comprehensive backup and recovery plan.

It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, and your business and customers will thank you for it. Having a reliable backup system and plan in place means you and your employees will know exactly what to do in the event of a data disaster.

Source: Commvault

Steps Toward Strong Ransomware Prevention


Businesses with trusted backup plans in place are more likely to survive a ransomware attack and less likely to experience a significant disruption in operations.

In developing your prevention plan, this means understanding what type of backup is right for your business and routinely testing to ensure backup systems’ operability and integrity.


While there’s no guarantee a ransom payment will ensure the return of your files, having an already backed-up version of your files means paying these malicious actors won’t even be a question. You’ll already have all of your files available and unencrypted for restoration.

As a part of your plan, you should have extreme detail about every measure that will be taken in the event of a data breach: the location of your files for recovery, what files you will prioritize, and who will have emergency access to the files for recovery.


One of the most important but overlooked aspects of preventing a disaster is educating your workforce. The rise of phishing tactics combined with the fact that a majority of data loss can be attributed to human error signifies that employee training may just be the best prevention tactic.

Watch this video: Protecting Employees from Ransomware Attacks

Video Source: Protecting Employees from Ransomware Attacks

Not sure where to start in developing your plan? Check out our Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist!

Comprehensive Ransomware Protection and Recovery with Central Data Storage

So, why do we care so much about ransomware prevention and recovery?

Because we, at Central Data Storage, want to make sure that your business has the necessary measures in place to prevent a data disaster, to protect your patient’s sensitive information, and to maintain HIPAA compliance. In today’s environment, you can never be too cautious. You need a recovery system in place now to prevent any future disaster.

Our comprehensive backup and recovery solution, UnisonBDR, seamlessly automates your data backups with beyond military-grade encryption and is designed to minimize downtime, getting your business back up and running in just 2 hours.

Unlimited storage capacity, dual authentication, highly encrypted cloud storage, and, of course, ransomware recovery. We make sure your data is fully encrypted, fully available, and fully recoverable–try it here today!

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