Protect Your Dental Data with Encrypted Messaging. Here’s How

Encrypted messaging is an important part of protecting client data in the dental industry. It also offers an excellent defense against the legal consequences that can arise from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Here’s what you need to know about how it works to streamline communication and enhance the security of your patient information.

It Offers End to End Encryption 

End-to-end encryption is a security method preventing anyone except the intended recipients from reading sent data.

It doesn’t matter what type of communication your dental office sends. Everything from messages to chats, texts, files, and all other media are encrypted as they travel between devices.

Encrypted Messaging Provides Secure File Sharing

This is an important part of a successful dental office that shares information on the Internet. Secure file sharing means patient privacy and their sensitive data is in compliance with regulations like HIPAA. It also helps dental offices to adhere to other legal obligations and requirements.

Where necessary, dental offices can collaborate with other professionals and maintain data security at the same time.

This Type of Messaging Has Different Permission Levels

Encrypted messaging also allows for different permission levels for folders and files. This feature allows different staff members to have different levels of access. It’s another way to safeguard your patient’s information and ensure that it remains confidential. These different levels also reduce certain types of risk. Having them makes it less likely that unauthorized data access can result in accidental deletion or alteration and even theft.

All of your encrypted messages are safe with software that is held secure in 256-bit encryption. Central Data Storage offers an excellent product that provides a safe and secure environment for both document and message sharing.

WisperMSG is specifically designed to keep confidential files and conversations private. This is the software that can also keep all of your data and budget numbers secure. Take a look at the different plans we offer. In each of them, set-up and installation are included. With this encrypted messaging solution, your dental business won’t need a separate IT department. Contact us today to learn more.

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