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It can be hard to find your perfect cloud solution in a crowded marketed- one that’s easy to use and melds seamlessly with your workflow, yet is exceptionally secure. We’re 100% HIPAA compliant, fully featured, and centered on service. We will back up your existing chiropractic patient management system (PMS), including your SOAP notes, appointment schedule, and billing information. We make transitioning to the cloud a breeze - from setting up your account to backing up your data and protecting your ePHI, to quickly and effectively restoring your files. 

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Backup + Recovery

Backup + restore files from your servers and devices with no knowledge required.


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Encrypted Sharing

Easily share encrypted files and messages with your team, customers or patients.


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 File Archiving 

Securely archive your records and meet your regulatory requirements.

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Unique Authentication
Our multi-factor authentication goes above and beyond HIPAA requirements. We validate the unique identities and passwords of intended users in all of our products.

Private Offsite Backup
If your disaster recovery plan calls for a quick recovery, you’ve come to the right place. We store your data in our private cloud, not a shared repository, so it’s always safe and accessible. No matter the dire circumstances your data faces every day in the office, we can restore your files from our cloud.

HIPAA Confident

HIPAA Audited and Certified 
Rest assured, we’re approved by third-party industry auditors to meet all safety requirements involving ePHI and EMRs.

Powerful 448-Bit Encryption
Our end-to-end encryption exceeds the highest military standards, so you can be confident that your backup complies with HIPAA regulations. With our encryption, your data is invisible in transport and impossible to decode in a breach.

Encrypted Medical Document

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Product Overview

Managed cloud backup + file recovery

You have ePHI and EMRs that need to stay 100% private, protected, and easily accessible. That’s why we build our products the way we do. We know the only way to create optimal security for your data is to offer a totally HIPAA compliant product that comes with a dedicated support tech to help with every step of your cloud journey.

Make Backups Automatic
Make Backups Automatic

We’re continually monitoring your account - helping you manage your backups, checkups, and restores. We do it all behind the scenes at no additional cost.

Recover Files At Any Time
Recover Files Any Time

Click to begin restoring your files on your own, or our support techs will do it for you! You won’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll likely have your files back within a day.


We’re third-party audited for HIPAA/HITECH compliance, to ensure top-level security for your sensitive patient information.

Work Without Interruptions
Work Without Interruptions

Our customizable backup schedule makes it so you’re never bogged down waiting for your backup. 

Prevent Paying Ransoms
Prevent Paying Ransoms

Restore the latest version of your files to any device. Never worry about paying a ransom for your data again. 

Receive Top Level Support
Receive Top Level Support

We’re here for you. Contact us by phone, email, chat or submit a support ticket if you need help or have questions.

Stay Secure
Stay Secure

Your data is safe and private with our 448-bit encryption that exceeds military-grade standards.

Keep Unlimited Versions
Keep Unlimited Versions

We keep a complete version history of all your files, so everything you backup is saved and always accessible.

Business Associate Agreement
Business Associate Agreement

We serve as a trusted HIPAA compliant business associate. Let’s team up! 

Our Managed Service

Managed is better.

Free Unlimited In-House Support

Our expert team provides the time, resources, and know-how - so you don’t have to. All of our products come with free unlimited in-house support, so no matter your needs, you can expect a speedy response to your question or concern.

We Go Above and Beyond.

checkmark Creating custom software integrations
checkmark Actively monitoring your account
checkmark Helping schedule and complete backups
checkmark Creating automatic software updates

— at no extra cost.
“The Central Data Storage software is easy to use and takes no time away from my staff resources. If I need a file that was deleted a month ago, I can retrieve it. The [CDS] support staff has been tremendous. This is one of the best investments I’ve made for my practice.”
Dr. Bruce
“When our office upgraded to digital x-ray, our Rep stressed the importance of backing up our data offsite to protect from data loss. When I saw how easy it was to get started, I decided to start backing up our server as well. Thank God we did because two weeks after our server totally crashed. The staff was able to restore all of our files right away. It was absolutely amazing! I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if we weren’t their clients”
Dr. Joni

Backup + Recovery plans that grow with you.

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Unlimited Devices & Servers


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