Here’s a List of Industries That Need Encrypted File Transfer for Security

Like the name suggests, encrypted file transfer allows you to send data files from one location to another on a secure network. There is an extra layer of security that makes it impossible for anyone to intercept your information.

Encrypted file transfer allows for flexibility when your staff is working remotely. That in turn can increase productivity and efficiency. However, the major benefit is security for certain industries that handle sensitive data. 

There are some businesses where this extra layer of protection is especially useful. 

Banking and Finance

These two industries regularly handle sensitive data and it’s important for them to have end to end visibility as well as regulatory governance. Securing files in transit also helps organizations in these verticals ensure safe delivery and compliance. 


Organizations need encrypted file transfer capabilities to comply with rigorous standards like HIPAA. Sensitive data in the healthcare industry needs to be protected and includes billing and payment data, compliance reports as well as medical reports and even patient appointment reminders. 

Schools and Other Educational Institutions.

Educational institutions like universities can handle intellectual property.  These services allow collaboration and communication while keeping files secure. It’s also important they safeguard faculty members’ and students’ private and sensitive information while complying with data security and protection regulations.

Legal Firms 

Solicitors often need encrypted file transfer so they can send sensitive information to clients. The best encryption tools and solutions help to configure emails and attachments so they are automatically encrypted when they contain sensitive information. There are a number of legal standards that need to be met when it comes to managing digital data. 

Each location has typical data protection rules and regulations for various documents like NDA’s. Legal firms also have to adhere to state specific regulations such as the CCPA in California.

Shifting Goalposts 

Solicitors and law firms need to aware as the goalposts are continually shifting when it comes to the need for encrypted file transfer. 

Email encryption for law firms should always provide a cloud-based end to end solution that’s secure.

Secure and Private 

Central Data Storage is made up of a team that understands how critical it is to keep sensitive information and communication secure and private. That’s why organizations of all sizes can get encrypted file transfers as well as messaging with WisperMSG.

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