How to Use Data Backup and Recovery to Deliver Excellent Service

We’ve pulled together some useful tools, blogs and guides to help you unlock additional value from your HIPAA compliant data backup and recovery solution.

HIPAA compliance in data backup and recovery isn’t an option when it comes to managing your practice’s data.

But it’s time to stop thinking about it as a necessary burden and start thinking about HIPAA compliance as a wonderful way to benefit your business and drive more value for your customers.

Did you know that it isn’t just external threats from cyberattacks, fires, or severe weather that threatens your business’ data?

As much as 90% of data loss is attributed to human error.

With patients’ health and lives at risk, it’s essential your practice can recover this data quickly to provide a seamless service for your customers. Otherwise, they will take their business elsewhere.

HIPAA Compliant Data Backup Resources

To help you unlock this additional value, we’ve pulled together some useful tools, blogs and guides to help you no matter what stage your practice is at on its HIPAA compliant data journey.

These resources cover everything from

  • Understanding what a HIPAA compliant cloud backup and recovery is
  • Why your business needs it and how to ensure your partners meet these requirements too
  • How to put together a disaster recovery plan
  • How to ensure your HIPAA policy and processes are up to date.
  • There are also some resources on how you can improve communications to deliver more value to your customers and enhance their customer experience to keep them coming back to you.
data backup and recovery

Finding the Right Data Backup and Recovery Partner is Essential

If you’re a medical recovery solutions provider and you’re looking for a top-of-the-range data backup software partner, there are two key traits you should look for:

  • Expert knowledge of both the HIPAA compliant cloud backup and critical data and HIPAA requirements for business associates / partners
  • Proven experience in the industry stretching back ten plus years, with an exemplary track record in protecting peoples’ sensitive data

At Central Data Storage, we’ve been working with the healthcare industry to store data securely and remotely and implement disaster recovery plans since 2008.

As HIPAA-compliant cloud storage providers, we specialize in monitoring HIPAA guidelines, HIPAA Regulations and keeping on top of all the latest cloud storage and data security technologies – all whilst offering a transparent, collaborative and supportive partnership to organizations who process protected health information (PHI).

To keep your data secure, our solution, UnisonBDR, offers:

  • Expert-created disaster recovery plan and processes
  • Archiving
  • HIPAA compliant Data storage services
  • Advanced encryption and encrypted file sharing
  • Secure data centers with top-level security and access controls

See how we could help your business meet HIPAA compliance and securely backup all your data with UnisonBDR.

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