Here’s Why The Dental Industry Needs Data Recovery Software

Why Do Those In The Dental Industry Need Data Backup And Recovery Software?

Could you run your practice if you lost access to all your patient records? Of course, not. In fact, for every minute you are unable to access patients and other vital data your business will be hemorrhaging money. That is why you need data backup and recovery software because, with the proper backups, you’ll never lose your vital and confidential patient data for good, and minimize the time it takes to have it restored and ensure your practice is running as usual.

Imagine the financial hemorrhage your practice would suffer if you were unable to access patients and vital data even for a minute. This is where data backup and recovery software comes in. With proper backups, you’ll never lose vital and confidential patient data permanently. Additionally, it minimizes the time required for data restoration, ensuring your practice runs smoothly.

What Is Data Recovery Software?

Cyberattacks, human error and hardware failure are all things that could cause your practice to suffer a significant data loss. The good news is that the right data backup and recovery software will stop this loss from becoming catastrophic. This is because when regular and frequent backups of all your data are made, you will be able to use recovery software to recover all the data saved up to your last backup, instead of losing all your data. The benefits of which include saving your dental practice a significant amount of money in downtime when you would not be able to see or treat your patients.

Additional Advantages Of Data Backup And Recovery Software

In addition to enhanced security and the reduction of the risk of lost patient data, there are several additional valuable benefits to using data backup and recovery software in the Dental Industry.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

As those working in the Dental Industry are bound by the HIPAA Act, which protects identifying information and details of patients from being disclosed, any backup and recovery software must adhere to these standards. The good news is that there are specialist backup and recovery software services designed for those in the medical industry, which means they will be HIPPA, and ISO 270001 compliant too.

Maintain Customer Trust

In the Dental Industry, having to notify patients that their confidential and often sensitive data has been lost is never a good thing. Indeed, such incidents can erode the trust that the professionals in your practice work so hard to foster with patients. Happily, when you have the right data backup and recovery software you, and the reputation of your practice will be protected against such problems.

Why Choose Central Data Storage For Your Data Backup And Recovery Software

For those operating in the Dental Industry, Central Data Storage offers the perfect data recovery and backup tools. Not only are they HIPAA and ISO 270001 compliant, but Central Data Storage has over 15 years of experience working with practices in the dental sector.

Additionally, Central Data Storage’s data backup and recovery solution known as UnisonBDR is not just a SaaS product, but a managed SaaS product. That means we’ll deal with all the details like network security, and automatic upgrades, so you know your software is always up to date, and working efficiently to protect you from a data disaster at all times.

For more information on how Central Data Storage can support your dental organization with data backup and recovery, contact us.

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