Here’s Why a Cloud Backup Solution Has Excellent ROI

If you are considering a cloud backup provider, you’ll need to gauge the business case for the solution. High-security and automated backup as well as a user-friendly interface are all impressive features to keep your data secure.

However, one of the most important benchmarks is the ROI. Here are a few reasons why you can present a compelling business case to leadership and stakeholders.

Any Business Continuity Plan Needs a Solid Backup Solution

It is not only the smaller midsize business that can suffer power outages. Recently Microsoft customers went through issues with Teams and Exchange Online. A few months earlier, Atlassian suffered a similar issue with an outage. The issue here is Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are often so intertwined with the daily operations of the business they can contain institutional critical knowledge.

Any lack of access to critical data like messages and files makes the case for a solid business backup solution in the cloud clear. One of the advantages of cloud-based technologies is the fact you can store critical data off-site.

Not having one of these solutions can cost any sized organization financially. Here are just a few of the possible impacts.

Accidental deletions can be covered

These quite often involve intentional malicious behavior or human error. Verizon reports that 85% of this type of breach was caused by either one of these behaviors. Having a cloud backup solution can protect all of your mission-critical data as well as sensitive customer information. If any of this mission-critical information gets deleted, it can be replaced so your business flow stays seamless.

The impacts of cyber attacks can be VERY costly

According to IT research firm ESG, a full 79% of enterprises and organizations have been victims of ransomware attacks in the last year. A successful attack of this kind can leave employees unable to access core business applications. Significant losses can be the result since these types of disruptions can last for days, weeks or even months. It’s important to keep in mind the average cost of any data breach can be influenced by several different factors including the number of records and data files compromised and the size of the organization.

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