Here’s How Encrypted Messaging Keeps Patient’s Data Safe

Encrypted messaging is an important part of making sure that your dental practice is efficient and secure when it comes to patient data. WisperMSG is the industry leading solution that can protect this kind of sensitive data from all sorts of malware.

A data breach can affect a dental practice in several different ways. Identity theft is one of the more serious consequences. This type of fraud can cause both emotional and financial problems for your patients.

Remember that when you choose to use our encrypted messaging software, we offer a variety of industry-leading features. Those include the ability to access data and information from off-site locations and daily backup reporting.

Reputational Damage

Data breaches can cause reputational damage for a variety of businesses. Your practice can lose patients. When people lose confidence in the quality of care they will receive because of the data breach, your long-term outlook suffers. New patients often put a focus on different factors like online reviews. Compromised information can easily lead to negative online comments.

WisperMSG is the software that will help your organization protect sensitive data from ransomware, phishing and spam.  When you use this product all of the messages are held secure with a 256 bit encryption for messaging platforms.

Other Data Threats

There are other threats to your patients online data you need to be aware of. Those include:

  • Man in the middle attacks. This occurs when a hacker gets a hold of sensitive data that’s enroute between a client and the server.
  • Weak passwords are another accidental way that your data can be breached. Mixing letters and numbers is one way to avoid this issue. Experts also suggest spelling some words incorrectly on purpose to throw hackers off.
  • Stolen and lost devices are another way that sensitive data can be corrupted or lost. Tablets laptops and even smart phones can easily be lost or misplaced. Sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands when devices are stolen.

Central Data Storage has some excellent encrypted messaging capabilities. We understand that in the world of different business verticals confidential information can be shared through HR departments, patients and other types of clients. You can trust our product, WisperMSG, to keep your files private and your confidential conversations safe. This is the excellent way to keep data and budget information secured.  Get in touch today to start encrypting your messages.

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