Here Are 10 Reasons Encrypted Messaging is Critical for Document Sharing

The world of business shares confidential information in the digital world with clients, patients and HR departments and that’s why you need encrypted messaging. We offer WisperMSG as the solution to meet your encrypted messaging needs.

Here are 10 other reasons why encrypted messaging is essential for document sharing.

  1. Encrypted messages are confidential and safe. Sharing data and information on clients and patients needs to be held to the highest standard.
  2. This type of messaging can help businesses comply with regulations like HIPAA and GDPP.
  3. Encryption prevents third parties from intercepting and reading the data unless they have the necessary decryption keys. This means that no ISP or app provider as well as any other kind of unauthorized user can get access.
  4. Encryption is also important for preserving the integrity of data. Encrypted messaging preserves the data accurately and consistently so different businesses can rely on it.
  5. Encrypted messaging also protects a business’s reputation. It’s important to remember that being hacked can have a negative effect on your credibility. In fact, any type of data breach can cost money, effort and time to fix.
  6. End-to-end encryption is the right method for sharing confidential agreements and contracts. It’s the efficient way for any sized business to maintain their competitive edge.
  7. Secure messaging with WisperMSG helps to keep data safe in hybrid and remote work settings.
  8. It’s an important part of safeguarding financial transactions, statements and documents.
  9. Encryption makes it difficult for hackers and cyber criminals to intercept any information. It’s important to remember that even spam emails can contain sophisticated spamming tools and techniques.
  10. Encryption is also important for protecting other kinds of data that include trade secrets and research.

Don’t forget that WisperMSG also reduces the risk of identity theft. Sharing personal information like social security numbers and credit card numbers is safe.

Central Data Storage looks after all of the details for you when it comes to encrypted messaging software. WisperMSG is specifically designed to keep all of your confidential files and conversations private and secure. Installation and setup are included with all the plans we offer. Remember, Central Data Storage is the company that is big enough to solve all of your issues and small enough to care at the same time.  Contact us to learn more or get started.

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