Healthcare Cybersecurity E-Guide

Backup, Recovery and Encrypted File Sharing Are Crucial Aspects of Your Cybersecurity. Central Data Storage’s Healthcare Cybersecurity eGuide is here to help you protect your business from cybercrimes and help you share your data securely.

At Central Data Storage, protecting your data is our only focus.
The healthcare sector is often a top target for data breaches due to its information-intensive nature. According to a Cyber Peace Institute report, between January 2020 – November 2021, cyber-attackers breached more than 18 million healthcare records. Close to 268 million records have been compromised in the past ten years.

We’ve put together this useful guide to outline medical cybersecurity measures, employee training guidelines and software solutions necessary for the success of your healthcare and cybersecurity strategy.
This ebook will help you to:

  • Share patient information and files securely
  • Align your data processes with HIPAA standards
  • Understand why data backup and recovery and encrypted file sharing and messaging solutions should form a key part of your cybersecurity toolkit
  • Understand why it is important to work with a HIPAA compliant solution provider
  • Identify and select a HIPAA compliant solution provider and how to evaluate them
  • Identify a provider who will restore your data to where it was, rather than leave you to restore the files yourself
  • Protect your practice data and files from being intercepted or breached in the first place

Download your ebook now to find out how to take preventative measures to protect your practice against cyberattacks. Never pay a ransom again.

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