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Gain a clear picture of the amount of critical data that needs to be secured and what that looks like from a budget perspective with our comprehensive approach leveraged by over 1200 clients.  

Data integrity and Security is critical

In today’s digital age, the integrity and security of your data are more crucial than ever. Our Managed Backup Program not only ensures you efficiently identify and prioritize essential data but also offers a transparent view of the associated costs, highlighting the importance of our 3-Step Data Assessment.

Our 3-Step Data Assessment

Step 1: Identify Critical Data

Efficiently identify and prioritize the essential files, folders, and databases crucial for your system or organization’s smooth operation.

Step 2: Determine File Size

Get a clear overview of the cost of the service by selecting specific data files, allowing you to accurately factor it into your office budget.

Step 3: Determine Value/Cost

Understand the budgetable expense and what the service includes, giving you a transparent view of the cost.

Keep your data safe with managed cloud backups

Our top-level security data backup and recovery solutions keep our customers’ data backed up daily, actively managed 24/7 and ready to be restored at a moment’s notice. All at no extra cost. We do this while staying 100% HIPAA compliant so you never have to worry about losing your data or receiving regulatory fines again.

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