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Our software supports the backup of mapped drives.

You do not need to be logged into your computer for a backup to occur. You may also lock your screen as long as you remain logged in.

Your daily Backup Status Email will confirm your backup. Automated backups don't occur if your computer is asleep, hibernating, or in power-save mode.

Your computer must be on in order for a backup to occur.

While a backup is in progress you can still use your computer normally, including accessing the Internet. Backups should not significantly affect your system’s performance. We will monitor the process and use best-practices to insure your system is always running optimally. We do suggest you set your backup to run after-hours.

If a backup is interrupted, cancelled, or Internet connection is lost, all of the files that had been backed up before the backup ended will be available to be restored.

The backup will continue where it left off during your next scheduled backup, or we can manually begin a backup at any time.

We can backup multiple selections to multiple destinations at the same time.

Every file that is backed-up will be compressed. However, the amount of compression depends on the type of file.

Some files, such as Microsoft Word documents will often be compressed as much as 3:1 or 4:1. Other files such as picture and audio files will compress very little.

While we can backup any file, we don't recommend that you backup Microsoft Windows system files, applications, and temporary files (including temporary Internet files).

Our software contains a feature that allows you to automatically exclude certain files from your backup.

Let us help! Email or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

We recommend that you back up high-security items. You should backup anything your business/practice cannot afford to lose.

For healthcare professionals: we advise you backup x-rays, patient service data, practice-sensitive data, financial information and professional emails. 

For small-business owners: we advise you backup your important financial information, service data, business-sensitive data, and professional emails.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you may also want to back up your emails, contacts and calendar by including your “.pst” file in one of your backups.

If you need help, our staff will do the install and proper backup configuration so everything is done correctly. Just email or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

The time it takes to perform a backup will depend on: the number of files your practice or business is backing up, the size of those files, and the upload speed of your office Internet connection. Please keep in mind that for most broadband connections, upload speed is considerably slower than download speed.

Your medical practice or business' first backup may take a few hours or a couple of days, as all of the files contained in your backup set will be transmitted to our Backup Solution servers.

We recommend the first back up to take place over a designated weekend. Subsequent backups will take a substantially shorter amount of time. We will use our seeding process if necessary to expedite the backups.

You can begin a backup at any-time using your User Portal. Simply select the files you want backed-up and click "Start Backup".

If you need help, our technical support staff is ready to handle this process and have you backed up properly. Email or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

You have the ability to backup an unlimited number of versions of the same file. Our software includes a sophisticated wizard that allows us to manage how old versions are handled, giving you control over your backups and your storage space.

Backup Multiple Computers

Each office is responsible for its own data. Best practice is for each office to be backed-up separately.

All of your computers require the same Username. Each computer will have a different Computer ID and may have a unique Password.

If you'd like to add another User Account, contact sales@centraldatastorage or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

All of the computers under your account use the same encryption key. This enables the account administrator to ensure that the data for all computers is properly secured. 

If you'd like to add another User Account, contact sales@centraldatastorage or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

You're busy running a practice/business. Let us help back you up!

Give us a call at 1-888-907-1227  or email and our technical team will guide you or a designated staff member along the way.

Once we have added a new computer to your account, we will download the software to your new computer and help with the installation. 

Additional seats/licenses are available for new users in workstations. Simply go to your user portal on the machine you'd like to backup and download the app.

To add these to your account, contact us at 1-888-907-1227 or email

Plans and Pricing

If the amount of data that you back up (after compression) exceeds the amount of storage included in your plan (plus any additional storage that you have signed up for), you will receive a notification via email approximately 7 days before the end of your billing cycle.

You will be able to continue to backup and use our service uninterrupted. This 7-day period gives you the opportunity to delete files that no longer need backing up, or to purchase additional storage space.

If you're still over the purchased amount the adjustment will show on the next invoice.

To discuss your data usage, contact support@centraldatastorage or call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free).

The amount of storage space is calculated on a compressed basis. In other words, the storage space you're using is calculated on the amount of data that is actually sent and stored on our servers.

Depending on the types of files that are backed up, you may receive two or three times as much storage space than you are paying for because of our compression.

If you are a small medical practice or business and need to backup only one computer with a modest amount of data, then one of our advertised plans is right for you.

If you need to backup a larger amount of data or SQL Server database, please lease feel free to contact us. Call 1-888-907-1227 (toll free) or email to discuss your data security plan.

We are happy to help you find the right backup plan!

You can backup on an unlimited number of devices or servers under one plan.

We currently have pricing plans in place that charge per gigabyte (GB) of storage space or in increments of 5GBs. Our minimum set up however, is 10GBs.

Please feel free to contact us at or call our customer service line at 1-888-907-1227 to discuss your data security plan.

Restoring Files

If you have a system failure, and our software is no longer installed on your computer, our technical team can help you download and install the software again from our website.

Please contact us at 1-888-907-1227 or email Once our software is installed, you will be able to easily restore all of the files that have been backed up.

Restoring a file does not affect its backup status. It will still be backed up and available to restore again at a later date.

Our software contains a feature that will allow you to view a file without restoring it. This works by saving the file to a temporary space on your hard drive and then opening the applicable program to view it.

This feature is useful if you have multiple versions of the same file backed up and are not sure which version you want to restore.

There is no charge whatsoever for restoring files. You can restore as many files as you wish as often as you like.