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While our software has the ability to backup mapped drives it is not recommended because it adds another layer of fault. The best practice is to add the new machine to the account.
You may lock your screen as long as you remain logged in.
Your computer must retain an internet connection if you’re logged out in order for your backup to run.
While your computer is in hibernation mode programs are stopped and your backup cannot run.
Within your computer settings, you can set the network connection to on. Then the backup will continue.
Your computer must be on and connected to the internet in order for a backup to occur.
You can begin a backup at any-time using your User Portal. Simply select the files you want backed-up and click “Start Backup”. If you need help, our technical support staff is ready to handle this process and have you backed up properly. Email, submit a ticket by logging into your portal and clicking the support tab or call +1-888-907-1227 (toll-free).
If a backup is interrupted, canceled, or Internet connection is lost, all of the files that had been backed up before the backup ended will be available to be restored. The backup will continue where it left off during your next scheduled backup, or we can manually begin a backup at any time.
We advise you to refer to the software providers’ recommendations. While we work with many software companies we often review the software providers recommended files to backup. If you need help, our staff will do the install and proper backup configuration so everything is done correctly. Just email or call +1-888-907-1227.
We recommend that you back up high-security items. You should backup anything your business/practice cannot afford to lose.
The time it takes to perform a backup will depend on: the number of files your backing up, the size of those files, and the upload speed of your office Internet connection. Please keep in mind that for most broadband connections, upload speed is considerably slower than download speed. Your first backup may take a few hours or a couple of days, as all of the files contained in your backup set will be transmitted to our Backup Solution servers. We recommend the first back up to take place over a designated weekend. Subsequent backups will take a substantially shorter amount of time. We will use our seeding process if necessary to expedite the backups.

Yes, you can begin a backup at any-time on your own.

If you need help, our technical support staff is ready to handle this process and have you backed up properly. 

You have the ability to backup an unlimited number of versions of the same file.

Each office is responsible for its own data for several reasons:

  • In the event the business is sold, it’s important the data is separate as data is sold with the business.
  • To be in compliance with state and federal law.
  • If a restore kit is needed we need to know where to ship the data.
  • It helps with business expense tracking.
  • It may reduce the insurance costs of the business.
  • After a restore to a new computer, the process of converting is seamless.‍‍

Additional workstations can be added at any time. Simply go to your user portal on the machine you’d like to backup and download the app. To add these to your account, contact us at +1-888-907-1227 or email

File Recovery

If you have a system failure, and our software is no longer installed on your computer, our technical team can help you download and install the software again from our website.
Please contact us at +1-888-907-1227 or email Once our software is installed, you will be able to easily restore all of the files that have been backed up.

We can help you assess the files needed to get back to business quickly. To reduce costly downtime to your practice. Contact support at +1-888-907-1227 or email
At CDS you have three restore methods, Directly from our private cloud via an internet connection, locally from hardware in your office and CDS provides the service of shipping a hard drive of your encrypted data. As part of our service, we will review the needs and help you decide the fastest way to get the office up and running. Contact support at +1-888-907-1227 or email

There is no charge whatsoever for restoring files. You can restore as many files as you wish as often as you like. 

Encrypted Messaging and File Sharing

You need more than password protection and private servers to ensure you’re sharing securely. With strict encryption protocols for both sharing and storing your files and messages to our secure data center, we ensure the safety of your sensitive data.

If you’re a Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Financial or Accounting professional you are legally obligated to keep your information secure (HIPAA, HITECH, State Laws, BAR Associations, Ethics Guidelines, etc.). Compliance isn’t the only reason for data diligence. Your business’s reputation is on the line if your confidential client data is breached.

Only trust file-sharing products that use advanced encryption protocols and use dual-factor authentication. Professional industries that are regulated should use products that meet industry-specific requirements.

We secure your data in our private cloud (not a shared repository) because using a shared drive or unencrypted email is not secure or HIPAA compliant because it can be easily hacked.

Our end-to-end encryption ensures only you and your recipient see what’s sent (never anyone in between!). Your messages are secured with special keys. Only you have access to unlock and read your messages.

Yes, you can keep your existing email address. Your email infrastructure will remain the same or create a more specific email address.

Yes, the industry’s facing regulatory compliance can use our products. (HIPAA, HITECH, etc.) Contact us at if you have industry-specific questions.

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