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Coming Soon! Encrypted File Sharing and Messaging for Your Small Business

We make collaborating with clients, coworkers, and others easy, affordable, and secure - with powerful end-to-end encryption.

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A boost of confidence across the board, from your team to your clients.

Anyone you send an encrypted file or message to can reply to you with the same data security, for FREE!

Check Mark  Access your files anywhere through our Cloud.

Check Mark  Communicate internally and externally worry-free.

Check Mark  Keep your confidential information confidential.

Check Mark  Protect your valuable intellectual property.


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Safeguard your company and meet regulatory compliance.

Get support for compliance with regulations and guidelines that affect your industry. If you need to protect PII to meet privacy regulations or comply with HIPAA, Encrypted sharing has you covered.



Here’s How it Works

Start sharing securely in just three easy steps!


1. Invite a customer

Send an invitation with a link to start sharing.


2. Start the conversation

Compose your message and attach files.


3. Send Securely

Send - encryption completes in the background.

Product FeaturesProduct Features

Be the boss of your files!

Traditional methods of file sharing and messaging fail to transfer sensitive data in a way that complies with both mandatory requirements and client expectations. Accessing data through email, FTP or VPN comes with security flaws. Our powerful end-to-end encryption means you will never accidentally reveal any of your data. Our Encrypted Sharing security features empower you and your employees to collaborate confidently.

Make Backups Automatic
No File Size Restrictions

Safely send anything you want, regardless of its size. From presentations and videos to PDFs and spreadsheets.

Stay Secure
End-to-End Encrypted Messaging

Keep your conversations private with our powerful AES encryption. Third-parties will never decode your messages.

HIPAA Compliant

Our product is HIPAA/HITECH compliant, ensuring top-level security for your sensitive information.

Collaborate With Anyone

Increase security without losing productivity. Communicate confidently inside and outside of your business.

Automatic Chat Expiration

Your inactive files and conversations disappear after 14 days (or can be archived), always keeping your inbox tidy.

Money Off
Free for Your Customers

Anyone you send an encrypted file or message to can recieve and reply to no cost.

Accessible Anywhere

With our Cloud access, you can take your office with you. Just login to your account online to access or send your encrypted files and messages.

Security Checks

Protects you against data threats like ransomware, cyberattacks, and lost or stolen devices.

Secure Attachments
Secure Attachments

Replace non-secure email attachments so your customers are assured your files and messages are legitimate.


Superior Support

Real people answering real questions.

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Our Security Explained

We always strive to educate our customers, not confuse them.

You need more than password protection and private servers to ensure you’re sharing securely. With strict encryption protocols for both sharing and storing your files and messages to our secure data center, we ensure the safety of your sensitive data.

If you’re a Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Financial or Accounting professional you are legally obligated to keep your information secure (HIPAA, HITECH, State Laws, BAR Associations, Ethics Guidelines, etc.). Compliance isn’t the only reason for data diligence. Your business’s reputation is on the line if your confidential client data is breached.

Only trust file-sharing products that use advanced encryption protocols and use dual-factor authentication. Professional industries that are regulated should use products that meet industry-specific requirements.

We secure your data in our private cloud (not a shared repository) because using a shared drive or unencrypted email is not secure or HIPAA compliant because it can be easily hacked.


We use powerful AES end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication to protect you. Our software always validates both unique sender and recipient identities and passwords. Others can never receive or share files and messages through our platform.

Our end-to-end encryption ensures only you and your recipient see what's sent (never anyone in between!). Your messages are secured with special keys. Only you have access to unlock and read your messages.

Yes, you can keep your existing email address. Your email infrastructure will remain the same or create a more specific email address.

Yes, the industry’s facing regulatory compliance can use our products. (HIPAA, HITECH, etc.) Contact us at if you have industry-specific questions.

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