Encrypted File Transfer Software FAQs For Sharing Data

If you’re wondering whether your company needs encrypted file transfer software consider this. Each time a webpage gets loaded on the Internet there’s a file transfer.

So, even the act of doing business means it’s important to have encrypted file transfer and messaging for highly confidential communications that is secure.

Here’s a few practices that combined with our WisperMSG technology supply peace of mind.

Use Strong Passwords

It’s important to keep in mind that weak passwords make it easier for cyber criminals to attack your infrastructure. Strong passwords include guidelines for authentication of users. Technologies like biometrics are helpful.

Two Factor Authentication Helps

This provides an extra layer of security. Usually it is a six digit code to identify the user. Other times of physical security key is needed. This two factor authentication works in tandem with a strong password.

Central Data Storage has 15+ years of experience protecting our clients data with products like encrypted file transfer and secure messaging for highly confidential communications. WisperMSG features a variety of different items including our industry-leading support. This product is ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant.

Different Plans

We also offer different plans and terms for your convenience. This is the encrypted file transfer software that looks after all the details. It allows you to get on with the business of pursuing profit.

Please read on for a few other tips we put together so you can keep your encrypted files and data transfers safe.

Password Length Matters

Strong passwords are usually longer ones. Each number and character as well as upper and lowercase variations make it more difficult for brute force attacks to get through.

Having a password policy is an important part of data security.

  • It’s important to set a minimum password length of eight characters. That needs to include special characters as well as numbers and upper and lower case.
  • Password age is another interesting security feature. That’s usually the time and number of days that you can use any particular password . It can stop bad actors from using expired combinations. Plus it can keep other users from using expired ones.

Central Data Storage has excellent encrypted file transfer software for your business. Why not become one of the over 1,200 clients that use our services today? Contact us if you have any questions or get started with WisperMSG today.

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