Personalized Service

Our specialty comes from a strong understanding of best practices for common software, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange or other enterprise-level products and a deep knowledge base of industry-specific software.

The technicians at CDS keep a detailed-knowledge base of the best practices to backup dozens of Practice Management software suites. In some cases, this is from configuring backups for hundreds of clients with a certain piece of software and in others it is a program that we are not as familiar, but healthy communication with the manufacturer.

This is one of our most unique features, considering many other backup programs will require YOU to install and select the correct files.

File Selection

Expertise in the file selection process is the most important step to ensuring that a quality backup recovery plan is in place. If a mistake is made during the file selection process, a restore of incorrect data becomes useless. It’s a common occurrence with competitors, and usually isn’t realized until a restore is attempted.

data backup file selection


We can also perform audits for customers to help keep their cost down. When using a program where people have to choose what files to backup they may select too little or too much data.

We are often asked to audit an account to tell companies where their data growth is occurring and if there is any other unnecessary data being backing up.

A good example of this is people wanting to backup the “whole computer,” so they select the entire C:\ drive. This doesn't work as customers expect, because Windows programs still need to be "installed.” Although backing up their 'Program Files' folder may save some settings, it will not restore as many customers think. If a crash happens they will still need to install Windows and the programs from an installation CD or file. Knowing info like this in advance can save customers time and effort.

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What Our Customers Say

“CDS managed online computer backup was quick, efficient, and thoroughly easy to use. It was truly as easy as a phone call and the staff was able to assist when a problem arose. I had the misfortune of having a total loss of data on my server, but the data was totally restored on my new server exactly as it had been up to the moment of the crash, no corruption or lost data. What a relief!”

‐ Dr. William DDS, Dodge Family Dentistry