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Fast and reliable backup and recovery services for your data

Effortless cloud-based data backup and recovery solutions to accident-proof your business



What Is Backup + Recovery?

We know that every minute your business is down costs you money and customers, so our Backup + Recovery solution is designed to get your business back up and running in 2 hours, restoring your data fully within 24 hours.

Central Data Storage’s Backup + Recovery is a data backup and restore solution specifically designed to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Your entire file history – every version – is always protected and can be recovered quickly to any device when you need it.

Check MarkSave it all - Protect files on laptops, desktops, servers, databases, virtual machines and external devices with our 448-bit end-to-end encryption

Check MarkNever pay a ransom - Easily recover the latest versions of your files from computers infected with ransomware

Check MarkComplete data management control via our web-based portal - Control your online backups, access files, check data usage and more, from any device

Check MarkStay HIPAA compliant - always meet data retention and security requirements. We’re third party audited for HIPAA and HITECH compliance

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Secure private cloud

Data protection at your fingertips

Accidents happen every day. Risks like laptop theft or loss, a hard drive crash, a virus download or even employee error can spell disaster for your business. And with as much as 90% of data loss being attributed to human error, the need to recover your data is now a necessity to ensure your business is always operational. Our Backup + Recovery solution gets you back up and running with today’s data in 2 hours and full backup data recovered in less than 24 hours.

Web-Based Portal to:

checkmark   Manage your account from anywhere

checkmark   Complete or request a restore

checkmark   Check backup status and schedule backups

checkmark   Add new files or devices to your backup

checkmark   Monitor data usage

checkmark   Create and edit your profile

checkmark   Update billing history and payment types

checkmark   Request support



Beyond Military-grade

Security features


Regulatory Compliance

We are approved by third party auditors as 100% compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and State Laws. For over 12 years we have supported industries that face rigorous compliance requirements, specializing in medical practices.


Dual authentication

For your security, we use two different forms of authentication to confirm the identity of every user (more than just a password). Even if your login credentials are compromised, our dual authentication secures your data against remote attacks.


Prevent Paying Ransoms

Ransomware Recovery

Restore the latest version of your files to any device. With a complete version history of all your files, everything is saved and accessible. Never worry about paying a ransom for your data again.

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448-bit encryption

Our 448-bit end-to-end encryption exceeds military grade standards to ensure your data stays protected from outside threats both en route and at rest in our private cloud.


File Archiving can be added for $99 per year

Compliant cloud storage for your files

File Archiving

Compliant data archiving service for your business

Securely store your data for the long-term in our highly secure and compliant offsite facilities, reducing your storage costs. Your data is stored using our high levels of encryption and can be accessed or restored if needed.


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Our clients

Here are some of our clients and why they rely on Central Data Storage

"We chose to work with Central Data Storage because as a dental clinic we needed to not only ensure our data was backed up and available, but that it was HIPAA-compliant at all times. The Central Data Storage team have been great to work with – very friendly, always on hand to help and clearly experts when it comes to data recovery management. Thank you."

Dr. Condello @ Oceans Dental


"Our business recently had the misfortune of experiencing total data loss on our server. We contacted Central Data Storage as soon as it happened and their knowledgeable staff were able to completely restore all of our data exactly as it had been right up until the moment of the crash – no corruption or missing data. I’m so impressed. I can’t recommend Central Data Storage enough."

Aimee Knight @ Reveal Diagnostics

Amiee Knight

"Central Data Storage has been great. My medical documents and records are safe and backed up efficiently without any disruption. I appreciate the prompt customer support as well. They are very consistent with their service."

Dr. Pooja Goel @ Smiles for Life Dental Group


"The Central Data Storage support team has always been available when I have questions or concerns. Prompt, courteous customer service."

Dr. Douglas Dillard, DDS @ Woodland Hills Dental

Dr Dillard circular-1-1

"Thanks again so much Brandon for your conscientiousness and understanding how crucial this situation was for our office.
We are in a small town so access to resources can be very limited and by you going above and beyond ensured that we can take care of that many more patients who need to be seen, including those who are in pain. Not to mention this means being able to have all 8 of my employees come back in with regular hours."

Dr. Ethelyn Pak, Dover Dental Clinic

Dr Pak circular

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