CDS: Awarded the Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grant for Their Data Recovery Software

Central Data Storage secured a $50,000 Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grant, to bring a new and innovative Data Recovery and Encrypted File Sharing product to market.

If you’re a fan of Nebraska small businesses and are looking for a modern way to shield your sensitive files and messages from lurking cyber attackers, we’ve got big news!

We’re Central Data Storage (CDS), a software company out of Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Silicon Prairie standout in cloud backup and disaster recovery. We were recently awarded a $50,000 Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grant from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to nurture the progress of our new product, Encrypted Sharing.

With the help of the grant, we will be able to offer our customers multiple security-focused products: a successful cloud backup and recovery product, UnisonBDR, that is compliant with HIPAA regulations, as well as a new equally secure encrypted sharing product, WisperMSG.

Applying for the Prototype Grant

Obtaining the grant funding was no easy task, as many other businesses also had the opportunity to apply. According to the DED, the grant can be awarded to any Nebraska-based corporation, limited liability company, partnership, registered limited partnership, sole proprietorship, business trust, or other entity with fewer than 500 employees working in non-retail primary industries adding value to products or processes in Nebraska.

Safe to say the competition for the grant was fierce. To break through the noise, we submitted a 33-page business plan, marketing strategy, and proof-of-concept to the DED that was as thorough as it was aesthetically pleasing. Our application laid out our plan to not only bring a new innovative product to market but also boost the local economy.

Our hard work paid off. The DED reviewed our application, selected our project, and awarded us $50,000 to help bring Encrypted Sharing to market!

Our New Product Helps Solve an Evolving Data Dilemma

In today’s digital world, documents, images, and files are typically shared electronically. While businesses create more digital data each day, hackers and malware across the web are becoming more efficient at stealing it. Because of the growing number of data threats, sharing essential or confidential files can be worrisome.

There’s a greater need for businesses to securely share information, both internally and externally. While some records are harmless when leaked, others are confidential and could have consequences ranging from a reputation hit to monetary penalties. Simply put, traditional methods of sending and receiving files puts data’s security at risk.

WisperMSG will give data-dependent business owners and healthcare professionals an easy and reliable way to share encrypted files and messages safely, privately, and affordably. You will never accidentally reveal any of your data to a threat because your files and messages never leave our secure server and are encrypted in transport.

Not only will the new product work on your behalf to block cyberattacks, allowing for confident collaboration between coworkers, but will also help bolster Nebraska’s reputation as a quality software hub.

“We’re grateful to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for awarding us the Prototype Grant. Our software-defined services center around safety, privacy, and security for sensitive information. With the revolution of our new product, Encrypted Sharing, we’ll provide our users with the confidence that their files and messages are always private and protected. The funds will be used to both grow our product catalog and to add new development and support jobs in the Lincoln community,” says Ed Conklin, CEO at CDS.

WisperMSG Features and Benefits will Include:

  • File-Sharing: Safely exchange files with your patients, customers, or teams. Securely send PDFs, videos, slide shows, spreadsheets and more.
  • Collaboration: Work confidently and efficiently with your co-workers, and increase data security without losing productivity.
  • Security Checks: Protect against outside data threats and mitigate the effects of ransomware attacks, cyberattacks, and lost or stolen devices.
  • Secure Messaging: Keep your conversations private during transport with our powerful 448-bit end-to-end encryption, so 3rd-parties will never decode your messages.
  • Chat History: Inactive files and conversations disappear after 14 days (or can be archived), so your inbox stays tidy.
  • Free Receive & Reply: Anyone you send an encrypted message to can receive and reply to the encrypted message for free.
  • Cloud Access: With the cloud, your office can be anywhere. Just log in to the user portal online or on the mobile app to securely access or send files.
  • Industry Approved: Our products are compliant with privacy laws, HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR for Health, Legal, Insurance, and Accounting professionals.
  • Secure Attachments: Replaces non-secure email attachments so you know messages and attachments are legitimately from the sender.


WisperMSG is available for all businesses now! Sign up today!

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