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Effortless data protection and file recovery to accident-proof your small business


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Don't sweat it, accidents happen.

Accidents happen every day. Risks like laptop theft or loss, a hard drive crash, a virus download, or even an employee error can spell disaster for your business. Easily accident-proof your important files, and if needed, quickly recover them to any device at any time. We make data safekeeping a breeze.

Make Backups Automatic
Make Backups Automatic

We monitor your account and help manage your backups, checkups and restores. We do it all behind the scenes, at no additional cost.

Recover Files At Any Time
Recover Files At any Time

Click to recover files on your own, or our service techs will do it for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll likely have your files back in less than a day!


Third-party audited for HIPAA/HITECH compliance, to ensure top-level security for your sensitive patient information.

Work Without Interruptions
Work Without Interruptions

Our customized backup schedule makes it so you’re never bogged down waiting for your backup.

Prevent Paying Ransoms
Prevent Paying Ransoms

Restore the latest version of your files to any device. Never worry about paying a ransom for your data again. 

Receive Top Level Support
Receive Top Level Support

We’re here for you. Contact us by phone, email, chat or submit a support ticket if you need help or have questions.

Stay Secure
Stay Secure

Keep your data safe and private with 448-bit encryption that exceeds military-grade standards.

Keep Unlimited Versions
Keep Unlimited Versions

With a complete version history of all your files, everything is saved and accessible.

Have No file size restrictions
Have No File Size Restrictions

We don’t restrict you from uploading large files. Go ahead, upload that 4K video!

Accident proof your business today!


 No Credit Card Required

 File Backups

Set it and forget it!

Get complete backups

Are you busy with day-to-day tasks and lack the time, resources, or know-how to ensure your backups are running perfectly every day? That’s why we’re here. From install to restore, we create and manage a customized plan that fits your needs.

at no extra cost.

customCreate custom integrations

troubleshootRecover files and troubleshoot

trainProvide product training

monitor icon Actively monitor accounts 


Send status reports


Complete updates

 File Restores

Free, quick and easy. 


Get faster restores

Every minute your business is down is costing you money. Most recovery options such as DIY restores, mail-in restores, and 30-day versioning simply won’t cut it. With a click of a button you can start restoring your files yourself, or simply request our techs to do it for you at no additional cost. Our restores truly are fast, easy and seamless.


Customer Portal

Manage your account from anywhere. 

Group 803

Have complete control

  • Complete or request a restore
  • Create & edit your profile
  • Update billing history & payment types
  • Check backup status & schedule backups
  • Add new files or devices to your backup
  • See Your Data Usage
  • Request Support 
Top Level Encryption and Security

For regulatory compliance and ransomware.

Regulatory Compliance

We are approved by 3rd-party auditors to be 100% HIPAA/HITECH compliant. For over 10 years we have supported any industry that faces rigorous compliance requirements, especially medical and legal practices.  With 448-bit end-to-end encryption, we back up clinical and patient ePHI or sensitive client information continuously to our cloud.

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Ransomware Recovery

Copies of all your files are safe on our cloud. Whether your data is on our server or on its way, it’s encrypted with 448 bit end-to-end encryption. Your data is secure, so you don’t have to worry if cyber criminals try stealing your data to be held for ransom. Our data restores are fast and free, ensuring minimal risk you will ever lose a file. 


Perfect solution for small businesses

Start your free 30-day trial. No obligations. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time.

Superior Support

Real people, answering real questions.

We've got your back 24/7

We provide unlimited in-house customer support for setup, checkup and recovery—all free as part of your backup plan. Easily connect with us by chat, phone, email and service requests. Our responsive and knowledgeable support team has the expertise to get your issue handled quickly.  You may never need to call us because we try to prevent every backup issue before it arises, but we’re here just in case. 


We're here every step of the way

Set Up: We'll set up your account and show you how to use it.

Protect & Support: We'll monitor your account and get your questions answered and problems solved quickly.

Update: We complete updates, so you don't have to.

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Our Managed Service

Why managed is better.

Life With Central Data Storage
Our cloud securely transfers your files to our private offsite servers.

Life Without Us
Uncertainty about where your files are actually stored.

Life With Central Data Storage
Log into your user app, select the folder and begin. Or call our help desk support 1-888-907-1227 and we will design a custom restore for your situation.

Life Without Us
Your data may be corrupted or only backed-up daily, leaving gaps of time where it could be lost.

Life With Central Data Storage
We continuously monitor your backup, correcting any errors as they happen. We also email you daily Backup Status Verifications, so you can be confident your backup is working.

Life Without Us
To be sure everything is on you backup, your may have to troubleshoot after receiving failed backup notifications.

Life With Central Data Storage
Our backups won’t interfere with your workday. Customize your backup schedule easily on our app.

Life Without Us
Your computer or network speeds can be slowed because some backups use a large amount of memory and resources.

Life With Central Data Storage
We have 24/7 in-house support ready to help at no extra cost.

Life Without Us
Get unpredictable support from a robot, waste time DIY troubleshooting, or overspend on professional IT help.

Life With Central Data Storage
Our updates are automatic, so you don't have to deal with pesky update requests or missing an update.

Life Without Us
Software updates can be overlooked and annoying with limited options for updates that work with your systems.

“CDS managed online computer backup was quick, efficient, and thoroughly easy to use. It was truly as easy as a phone call and the staff was able to assist when a problem arose. I had the misfortune of having a total loss of data on my server, but the data was totally restored on my new server exactly as it had been up to the moment of the crash, no corruption or lost data. What a relief!”
Dr. William DDS
"When our office upgraded to Digital X-ray the Rep stressed the importance of backing up our data off site to protect from data loss. When I saw how easy it was to get started I decided to start backing up our server as well. Thank God we did, because two weeks after our server totally crashed. The staff was able to restore all our files right away. It was absolutely amazing! I don't even want to imagine what would have happened if we weren't their clients."
Dr Joni
"The Central Data Storage software is so easy to use and takes no time away from my staff resources. If I need a file that was deleted a month ago, I can retrieve it. The support staff has been tremendous. This is one of the best investments I’ve made for my practice."
Dr. Bruce

Plans that grow with you

Not sure how much data you have? No worries, select any plan to begin.


0-25 GB
Unlimited Devices & Servers


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26-50 GB
Unlimited Devices & Servers


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51-500 GB
Unlimited Devices & Servers


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500+ GB
Unlimited Devices & Servers


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