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About Central Data Storage

Our story started in a hospital. In 2006 our CEO Ed Conklin was selling medical equipment. He had recently introduced digital x-ray sensors to his lineup of products and services. While x-ray sensors are amazingly useful tools, the computers that ran them could only store a small amount of data. That limited amount of space was not sustainable for the slew of x-ray files each computer would be required to store.

The fastest resolution was to purchase external hard drives. Rooms-full of external hard drives! There was a need for an automated cloud backup + recovery software for medical offices that complied with the new HIPAA and HITECH laws. At the time, off-site backup wasn’t dependable and way too expensive. There were options, but they were clunky and hard to work with. If you weren’t a computer programmer, using the backup was like learning a new language. The need for something better was obvious.

So in 2012 we designed our backup + recovery product, becoming one of the first data backup companies to offer off-site and local backup that’s easy to use, with top-notch support and security at a fair monthly price. We went above and beyond, crafting a managed service tailored to saving business owners valuable time and resources. It paid off. Today our customers recognize the importance of software support, and value our focus on making your backups a breeze. 

Our commitment to the customer experience didn’t stop there. Since 2013 we have upgraded our main software over 7 times, improving reliability, security and dependability. Today we are a leader in the safety and security of patient data.

“We focus on our client's reputation, by the pure protection of patient and office data.”, Ed Conklin, CEO.

The foundation of Central Data Storage is our great clients, partners and employees. That’s what makes us great. Trust, technology, and service are the pillars that have supported us over the years. 

Our promise is to continue making Central Data Storage products cost-effective, dependable and secure.

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