5 Reasons Your Business Needs Data Recovery Software

Having the right data recovery software is essential whether you’re a hybrid brick-and-mortar business or a company that advertises and sells goods and services online. Here’s five reasons why this type of software is an essential part of the modern enterprise.

Downtime Costs

The average company loses several hours to recover data after they’ve had a downtime incident. For some places, that number can be up to months or weeks. Research points to the fact that 43% of small businesses don’t even recover fully.

If you factor in both the revenue lost and the labor costs for several hours of downtime, you’ll see that a backup and recovery plan makes perfect sense.

Compliance Standards and Data Recovery Software Work Together

There are several data privacy legislations currently that make it a requirement for organizations store their data appropriately. Failure to adhere to the standards and compliance rules can result in legal issues and fines.

Technology Can Breakdown

Hardware failure can mean that bookkeeping, files and other important information can become suddenly inaccessible. Virtual offices need to have their files backed up properly because even the day-to-day software used in business operations can malfunction and break down.

This Software Covers Human Error

People make mistakes. That’s true in both the digital and brick-and-mortar world. When important customer data and other files go missing from handheld devices or workstations, recovery software can cover an otherwise serious issue.

This type of software covers a business when a disgruntled employee deletes important data. Even an errant cup of coffee can fry a hard drive in record time.

This Software Covers For Theft

Small business and corporate theft is always an issue. A large percentage of employees have unfortunately admitted to taking company documents and information. Research points to the fact that almost as much 30% of bankruptcies are due to this type of theft.

There is no need to worry about your reputation or operational framework when you have a good recovery and/or backup solution in place.

Central Data Storage is proud to offer UnisonBDR, our data backup and recovery software. We’ve been looking after businesses in a variety of different verticals since 2008. Our services are well known as the gold standard for file transfer, encrypted messaging and data recovery. We offer a variety of features including free in-house support and daily account monitoring.

Contact us if you have questions or sign up for UnisonBDR to start protecting your data today.

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